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How to Play: Clue by Clue is a game that tests your thinking skills. It can be played alone or in a group. Solve the mystery below by going through the clues one at a time. Each time you reveal a new clue, stop and think about what it could mean, what you know from all the clues so far, and what you still need to know. After the last clue is revealed, you can read some hints or go straight to the solution!


  1. Where do you think the money in the bag came from?
  2. Is the egg really worth $2.3 million?
  3. Did José profit from buying and selling the egg?
  4. Which is more important: the egg or giving money to the man who sold the egg?
  5. Does the man who sold the egg now have a good explanation for how he got $2.3 million?

Have you figured it out?

Click here to see the solution.

And check out the book it is based on: Clue by Clue by Walton Burns

front cover of Clue by Clue by Walton Burns

Or take a look at printable versions for students: Mystery Resources on TpT

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